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Montana offers you a unique collection of lifestyle products which give an even better touch to your wellbeing at home. In our product range you will find wooden figures, modern lifestyle accessories, as well as many gift ideas. Our products are handmade and created out of the finest woods with great attention to details. Thanks to their knowledge of Val Gardena’s woodcarving tradition – inherited from their ancestors – our skillful artists are able to create small masterpieces. Therefore our products are made to be long-life companions… and who knows, maybe also to become beloved family heirlooms. Be inspired by our assortment and make out of your beautiful home a magnificent one!

Lifestyle-gifts for every time of the year

Lifestyle-gifts for every time of the yearMontana presents a lot of wonderful modern accessories for your house, and high-quality gifts of timeless beauty. If you are looking for a gift for a special occasion, a unique ornament for your home or a suitable decoration for a specific time of the year…Montana offers the suitable product for you. Also for Christmas you will find top-quality crib figurines which will help you create a magical Christmas atmosphere and bring you a lot of joy for many years.

Lifestyle accessories – wood glasses

Lifestyle accessories – wood glassesOne of our product highlights are our custom-made wood glasses with an exclusive design. Our high-quality wooden frames are handcrafted through rough cutting, precision shaping and polishing to achieve the most vibrant forms. Our skillful artists work with passion to make the perfect, comfortable and long lasting glasses out of this natural material. Being produced from a natural material through multiple stages of production, our glasses are high-quality accessories that have the advantage of being lightweight and yet durable and of course always fashionable.

Handcraft made with passion and individuality

Handcraft made with passion and individualityDiscover the product range of Montana and be enchanted by our unique creations. Dive into our world of authentic decorative items and be inspired by our amazing artistic creations. Are you looking for innovative home decoration with a unique design? Are you looking for individuality and style? Do you have an eye for exclusive items? The wide product range of Montana is very diverse and interesting. Visit our site www.montana‐ and you will surely find what you were looking for. In our atelier we create precious little wooden treasures that are meant to bring you a lot of joy.